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So, what do we do at Youth Group?

Youth group offers a unique opportunity to build a community of friends who share the experience of being a person of faith in our world today--the gifts and the difficulties! We'll play together, pray together, share our thoughts and ideas, and throw the occasional squishy-ball. Youth group is NOT a religion class. It's a chance to put our faith into action through the relationships we build, the service we provide, and the joy we create! Stay tuned for Fall Youth information....

Who else will be there?

Youth group is open to anyone between 7th and 12th grades. All youth with families who are registered parishioners at St. Ignatius Church have been invited to join. Of course, you are more than welcome to invite your friends! Everyone who joins us for youth group is strongly encouraged to fill out the registration forms.

Why do I need to fill out the registration form? What is the $40 fee?

The registration form will give us a sense of who you are and what you are interested in, as well as important emergency information from your parents. It will also allow us to send out reminders and event information to everyone who is interested. The registration fee for youth group is $40 for the year. This money helps us send you information, buy snacks, and keep our games and art supplies up to date. If you just can't afford this fee, you are still welcome to register and join the youth group. Simply request a scholarship and we'll cover you.

See you there!!


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