Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life (SEEL)

“The Spiritual Exercises brought me into deeper relationship with God and changed my life. The retreat drew me into healing, awakening, and a profound love for Christ that continues to be my greatest joy today.”

~SEEL retreatant                 

What is SEEL?

SEEL is Ignatius' adaptation of his original Spiritual Exercises for those people who were eager to grow in their relationship with God but for one reason or another could not logistically go away for a 30-day retreat. In SEEL, participants go through Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises with the guidance of a spiritual director over a period of nine months while they continue to live their daily lives.

What are the graces of the SEEL retreat?

Retreatants will be invited to:

  • Encounter the living God and God’s presence in creation, their personal life stories, and current life circumstances.
  • Better discern their deepest desires to understand God’s call and presence in their lives and in the world.
  • Become Contemplatives in Action -- experiencing and grasping more deeply the Ignatian vision of Finding God in All Things.

When does SEEL meet?

SEEL starts in late September and ends in mid-May. Participants meet with the Spiritual Directors once every two weeks and participate once a month in a Saturday retreat from 9:00 am to noon.

Cost of SEEL

The total cost for the retreat is $375, including the $50 registration fee. No one will be refused the retreat because of cost. There is financial aid available. (The $375 fee covers about 25% of the actual cost.)

Alumni of SEEL

All alumni of SEEL are welcome to experience the SEEL retreat Saturdays again and participate in a faith sharing group with other alumni. The cost is $50 for the year. 

How to Apply

To apply for SEEL, you must fill out an application form. Applications available on line at www.seelportland.org.

For more information

SEEL is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Read this brochure for more information, or contact Joyceann Hagen at joyceannhagen@msn.com or 503-223-4190. 

Other SEEL Programs

SEEL also offers several other shorter programs throughout the year.

An Invitation to Ignatian Prayer
 Loyola Jesuit Center-Maria della Strada Conference Room
3220 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland
Cost is $35 for all four Wednesdays.
Advance registration is encouraged -- call Joyceann Hagen at 503-223-4190

St. Ignatius invited people to prayer that included scriptural meditation, Imagination in prayer, and the Examen of Consciousness. During this four-week series you will learn prayer practices that are best for you. Each evening will include a presentation on prayer, quiet time to practice the prayer form presented and an opportunity for faith sharing.

Exploring Ignatian Spirituality
Loyola Jesuit Center - Maria della Strada Conference Room
3220 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland
Cost $85 for the series
Advance registration is encouraged -- call Joyceann Hagen at 503-223-4190

This program was created from the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola to give people an introductory experience of Ignatian spirituality. Each gathering will include a presentation, quiet reflection and small group conversation.

Questions for your reflection as you consider participating in Exploring Ignatian Spirituality: What are my hopes and expectations for this experience? What have been key moments in my faith journey? What have been the ongoing themes and struggles in my relationship with God? What are my current habits and ways of praying? Am I willing to commit to 15-30 minutes of daily prayer and attend weekly gatherings?


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