Pastoral-Care Ministries



Pastoral-Care Ministries at St. Ignatius consist of multi-dimensional services to our parishioners.



Prayer Ministry

The St. Ignatius Prayer Ministry consists of a group of ministers who have been trained through a formation course and then commissioned by our pastor. We function with guidelines and backing from our pastor and the Archdiocese of Portland.

Our ministry role is to help you bring your physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns to Jesus through prayer. We fulfill this role through the Parish Sunday Prayer Ministry, Intercessory Ministry, and Prayer Ministry classes.

Parish Sunday Prayer

Teams of ministers pray with parishioners on the first Sunday of each month in the vestibule of the church after the 8:00 am Mass.  All prayer requests are confidiential. For further information, please call Mary McDonagh at 503-775-0710.

Grief Ministry

Grief ministry serves parishioners and their families in times of grieving arising from such events as illness and death. The ministry includes prayer, home visitation, support circles, and other assistance to grieving individuals and families.


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St. Ignatius School

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