Life, Justice & Peace Commission

"Just honor fully what you meet each day, and you will find it drenched with grace and divinity"

~Mystic of old                 


The mission of the Life, Justice & Peace Commission is to foster relationships and provide prayerful education and advocacy to promote just and livable communities.

Through prayerful reflection and deliberation, the Commission promotes the integration of social justice in all aspects of parish life; and the Commission evaluates the programs at St. Ignatius. The Commission endeavors to facilitate "a faith that does justice" in the lives of parishioners. Meetings are held the first Sunday of each month, September through June.

Life, Justice and Peace


social justice group

Meet the Social Justice and Peace Commission:  (from left to right) Ed Kaiel, Tom Ustach, Sr. Lucinda Peightal, Sr Janet Ryan, Manuel Arroyo, Charlotte Bloebaum, Jeanne McPherson, Kathy Mitchell, Claire Burt and her new daughter Alida. (Not pictured:  Diane Lax and David Simmons).




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Imagine a college class broken into two semesters, where the participants learn the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, share their faith—openly and honestly—with each other, and finish the course transformed. That’s JustFaith! 30 weeks (33, if you wish to add an optional three-week respect life-focused module) of reading, immersions, prayer, DVDs and faith sharing.
Still not convinced? Here are four more reasons why your parish should consider starting JustFaith this fall.

1. Years ago a local parish tried unsuccessfully to start a Social Justice Ministry. This year, after completing JustFaith, it not only formed a ministry but has already decided on its two areas of focus.

2. A local parish, well known for its culture of social justice, found enthusiasm for social justice among the parishioners waning. Seeking to increase parishioner involvement, the parish chose to offer JustFaith not just one year but three years.

3. For seven years my own parish had a powerful, vibrant Social Justice Ministry. With the opening of a St. Vincent de Paul chapter, however, the focus has shifted away from social justice and squarely on direct service. To regain our way our social justice committee will embark on our own JustFaith journey.

4. A local parish has never had a Social Justice Ministry, though its engagement in community outreach is remarkable. The parish is considering starting a JustFaith program this September.


 Justice for Immigrants


"The wants of the rich do not come before the needs of the poor"
Catholic Social Teaching                     


Upcoming Events -- Engage in Something New!

Our efforts this year will include studying the immigration issues and bringing them forward, addressing the Two Portlands -- the wealthy and the poor, and connecting with Colombia and Lesotho (projects of Jesuits and Sisters of the Holy Names.). We also have opportunities to prepare and serve food to those in need.

Next Planning Meeting

Contact call Claire Burt, 503-231-8220, or Ed Kaiel, 503-285-7293.

Image from Interfaith Immigration Coalition in Washington DC


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Keep the Nestle Out of The Gorge

Nestle has its eyes set on bottling the spring water from Oxbow Springs near Cascade Locks, OR. Currently the Department of Fish and Wildlife has the rights to the spring water to use for a fish hatchery. Negotiations are in progress. For more information, visit and

Health Care for Kids!

Did you know that almost every child in Oregon can have health insurance? If you know families without health insurance for their children, please have them call Sr. Lucinda at 503-777-7989. For more information, read this letter and read this flier. In Spanish, too!


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